WhatsApp Images and Videos Making Your Phone Full: Your phone's memory is being filled with WhatsApp images and videos?  Follow these tech tips

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Nowadays people are worried about their phone memory being full again and again. How to Boost Immunosystems for Good Morning Messages, Coronavirus, Every Morning? The memory of the phone is filled with videos and images related to the etc. In such a situation, you should consider turning off the auto-download option on WhatsApp. Turning off the auto-download option gives you complete control over the photos and videos you download on WhatsApp. After closing this option, nothing will be downloaded until you download the image or video on WhatsApp itself. Therefore, the next time a disturbing person sends more videos to WhatsApp, your phone prevents it from being downloaded by itself and thus you can prevent it from filling up your phone memory. Also Read: Ways To Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Hackers: These 7 Steps To Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Hackers

WhatsApp has mentioned in its FAQ that it “increases the potential mobile network congestion during the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and reduces other potential mobile services. These mobile networks have bandwidth issues.” To help improve, WhatsApp has disabled auto-download for documents, videos and audio messages in select areas. If users still find photos and videos being downloaded by themselves, then they can You can follow these steps to stop it.

This is how you can turn off auto-download from WhatsApp:

For Android users:

Open whatsapp> go to settings with three dots on the right-side> select data and storage usage

There will be three options on media auto-download, when using mobile data, when connected on WiFi and when on roaming.

Uncheck all the boxes of photos, audio, video and documents.

Click OK.

For iPhones:

iPhone users also have the option to keep their phones clutter-free from unnecessary audio, video and GIFs. They should follow these steps:

Open WhatsApp> Go to Settings> Data and storage usage.

Users can select the Never box for photos, videos, audio and documents, and manually tap each file to download it.

Users can set auto-download only for wifi or wifi and cellular internet as per their choice.

WhatsApp also provides an option to reduce the data used in the call by following the steps given below:

– Go to Settings> Data and storage usage.

– Enable the low data usage option in the Call Settings section>.

WhatsApp users can also keep an eye on how many storage chats are happening. WhatsApp has an option where you can see your contacts and how much space they are taking by following these steps:

Go to WhatsApp> Storage and data usage> Storage usage.

If you allow chat backup only over wifi then you can save mobile data:

Open whatsapp> go to settings> go to chat> chat backup> back up over> select wifi only

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