Twitter suspends fake account of black Trump supporters, says strict action will be taken for violation of rules

Twitter (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

San Francisco, October 14: Twitter has suspended several accounts of black supporters of US President Donald Trump and campaigns for his re-election to break the rules of his platform. According to a report in the Washington Post on Wednesday, Clemson University social media researcher Darren Linwill found that more than two dozen such accounts were active. Many of these have used the same language in their tweets.

According to the report, “Many have many followers and all have now been suspended.” The network, with more than two dozen similar accounts, generated 265,000 retweets. Many of these accounts used a picture of a black man in their profile picture, which was taken from a news report or some other sources.

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Twitter spokesperson Trenton Kennedy said in a statement, “Our team is rigorously searching for such activity and if tweets are found to be violating the rules, action will be taken as per the rules.” Fake accounts of black Trump supporters have been increasing their activity for the past two months.

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