Twitter again down, social media site denied hackingTwitter (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Twitter Down Due To Internal Systems: The veteran social media platform Twitter has been down once again due to technical reasons. Due to which Twitter users are facing many problems including logging in on the platform. Although the American social media company has claimed that Twitter will normalize in some time, while the company has denied any kind of security breach. Twitter Down! Twitter goes down, users burst anger on social networking site

Facebook-owned Twitter said in a statement that Twitter has been down for many. The social networking company is working to remove this problem and make Twitter available to all as before. Twitter has been down due to some problems with the internal system. However, no evidence of security breach or hack has been found behind it.

Outage tracking website has reported that more than 55,000 users have suffered due to the downing of Twitter. On the other hand, users have become very upset due to the Twitter down. However now Twitter of many users has become smooth again.

It is worth mentioning that for the second time in more than two weeks, micro-blogging site (Twitter) has encountered disruption in the service of Twitter. There was a big breach in Twitter’s security in July, where hackers accessed Twitter’s internal systems and hijacked the accounts of some of the platform’s top users, including US presidential candidate Joe Biden and reality TV star Kim Kardashian was also involved. Hackers demanded a digital currency from everyone.

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