Telegram raises lottery amid protests from WhatsApp, users increased by 25 million in 72 hours

WhatsApp and Telegram (photo credit-pixabay)

After the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, users are now looking for a new option. In this episode, people have started opposing the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. With opposition, WhatsApp users are looking for a platform where there is no threat to their privacy. During this time, a large number of users are turning to the messaging app Telegram (Telegram). The benefit of which is now clearly visible. Messaging app Telegram has grown by 25 million users in the last 72 hours. With this, the number of monthly active users of Telegram has exceeded 500 million. With this, there has been a significant increase in monthly users of Telegram.

Explain that there is a protest against the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. This has increased the popularity of messaging apps like Signal, besides Telegram. Giving information, the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, has said that many people around the world are joining Telegram. Out of which 38 percent users are from Asia alone. While 27 percent are from Europe and 21 percent from Latin America. WhatsApp Privacy Policy FAQs Answered: Can WhatsApp see your private messages or calls? How to download your WhatsApp data? Learn all about the new privacy updates of the messaging app.

Founder Pavel Durov said that with this, the number of users of the telegram’s monthly has now increased to 500 million. In just 72 hours, 25 million users downloaded Telegram. It is to be noted that WhatsApp has said on the displeasure of the users that your private messages cannot be seen nor can hear the call. Your conversation is between you and the person you are talking to. This is because personal messages are protected by end-to-end encryption.

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