International activists who came with employees against Amazon, started online campaign called 'Make Amazon Pay'

Amazon (Photo Credits: Twitter)

New Delhi, 28 November: An international group of climate activists have joined hands with its warehouse employees to launch an online campaign called ‘Make Amazon Pay’. They have demanded that the e-commerce giant reduce carbon footprint and respect their rights by giving employees better salaries. The alliance includes India’s Opposition Institute, All India IT and ITES Employees Union, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, Progressive International and UNI Global Union etc.

On the launch of Black Friday, this alliance has demanded that Amazon change its policies and governments change their laws to improve the workplace. The salaries of the employees in all the warehouse of Amazon should be increased and their premium pay should also be increased for the busy hours. It has also demanded that Amazon should “return the society by paying the full tax in countries where its actual economic activities take place. Also in countries known as tax havens, to increase their profits by saving tax and loopholes in regulations.” Is taken advantage of, it should maintain complete transparency about its tax. “

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The alliance said on its website, “As Amazon’s corporate empire continues to expand. Therefore, its carbon footprint is also growing, which is more than two-thirds of the world’s total carbon footprint. Amazon’s increased delivery and The cloud computer business is rapidly damaging the global climate. ” The coalition demanded that Amazon promise zero emissions by 2030. It has also been said that during the Kovid-19 epidemic, Amazon became a trillion-dollar corporation, with its CEO Jeff Bezos becoming the first person in history to collect $ 200 billion in personal funds.

In 2019, the company co-founded The Climate Pledge, which has committed to bring zero carbon emissions to its business by 2040. The Verge quoted Amazon spokeswoman Lisa Lewandowski as saying, “We encourage those interested to compare the facts of our total salaries and benefits. At the same time managing our momentum in times of crisis.” Others also encourage retailers and major employers. “

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