How safe is the signal ahead of WhatsApp's new policy!  Explanation given in FAQ section

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WhatsApp terms are going to change from next 8 February. These new conditions will be implemented all over the world (where WhatsApp is run). According to these new conditions, the company can take information of the user’s user ID, phone number, email ID and all transactions from mobile, even location. WhatsApp can share information taken from the user’s mobile with Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp has given its explanation in this context.

Regarding the new terms and data in the FAQ section of the website, WhatsApp said, “We do not share your contact list with Facebook: Only after your permission, we only access the phone number from your phone’s address book, so that you can To communicate easily with contacts (contacts). We do not share your information with other Facebook apps “. ALSO READ- Telegram’s lottery increases amid protests from WhatsApp, users increased by 25 million in 72 hours

Where are the messages safe?

From the point of view of privacy, neither the user’s messages nor the attachments sent by them are safe in any multimedia / messaging / video chat application app other than signal, threema, and wire. However some companies (eg WhatsApp) use end to end encryption from the security point of view. Threema, wire, and signal claim that the messages and attachments sent by the user in these applications are completely safe.

The US dominates the company’s jurisdiction.

WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Messenger, Elo, Viber, and i-Message are companies with jurisdiction in the US. All these apply only to the rules made by the US. Thrima and Wire are companies with Switzerland jurisdiction, both of which also have rules and regulations made by their nation.

The sources of funding vary, but the functioning is the same.

While WhatsApp and Messenger are funded by Facebook, Telegram is funded by Russian industrialist Pavel Durov. Microsoft sees the funding of the video calling app Skype. I-Message is funded by Apple, and Alo is funded by Google. Rait is funded by New Vector Limited, while Thrima is funded by consumers.

How safe is the signal compared to whatsapp?

Signal is more secure than WhatsApp, as only WhatsApp messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted, while Signal’s meta data is also end-to-end encrypted. According to the information given on the App Store, the Signal app does not store any data of its users. The Signal app only takes the contact number ie your mobile number, because through this your signal account is opened. Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, and eye messages store data of app users. Their companies also use the same data.

Companies owned by Bright, Signal, and Wire, Thrima, and Wicker do not collect user data. Not only this, the apps of Wicker and Thrima also do not store user data. However, Signal, Riot, and Wire’s apps collect minimal user data.

Most companies give transparency reports.

Most companies are very clear in reporting transparency. Almost all companies, except Riot, Telegram, and Viber, provide their own app’s transparency reports. Many companies also provide these reports on PlayStore. So some companies also live on their websites, and the apps produced by them.

The company’s attitude to the question of customer privacy?

According to many digital experts, the attitude of most companies on the privacy of customers is not satisfactory. Companies owned by WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Messenger, and i-Message are slightly relaxed in these cases, while Ryt, Signal, Thrima, Wire, and Wicker are considered slightly stronger than the rest of the apps in this category. According to Indian digital experts, the attention of users now also goes to privacy policies, they want to know which app is collecting their type of data. Not only this, how and when the company will use that data, users also want to know about it ”.

Clarification given by whatsapp

Facebook-owned social messaging platform WhatsApp has had to issue an explanation after the controversy over its new update. The company said on Saturday that the new update will not breach the privacy of its users’ private chats. WhatsApp claimed that the new update is not going to change the data sharing process between him and Facebook at all.

WhatsApp chief Will Cathart put his company’s side through a long series of tweets. He said that the company has updated its policy to make it transparent and to give better knowledge of alternative business facilities to the people. He said, it is very important for us to make it clear that this update is for giving information about business communication. With this, there will be no change in the data sharing process of WhatsApp with Facebook.

This update will not affect how people interact privately with their friends or family or with anyone else in the world. Cathart emphasized that chatting on WhatsApp is completely end-to-end encrypted (E2E), that neither she nor Facebook can view any private chat or call and that the company is fully protected to protect this privacy. Is kind of committed.

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